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Website Development

The following is a collection of free website development tools:

Free Analytic Tools

Google Analytics - Free analytics tool from Google.

StatCounter - Free visitor analysis tool for your website.

Free Graphics Tools

Cool Text - Free header and button image creator.

Gimp - Free image editor, similar to Photoshop.

Multiple Image Resizer - Free image resizer.

Favicon - Free favicon generator.

iConvert Icons - Create free small icons.

Free Text Editor Tools

LibreOffice - Free text editor, similar to Microsoft Word and Excel.

EditPad - Is a free compact general-purpose text editor.

Free Script and Coding Tools

JavaScript Kit - Gives you access to a wide variety of free javascripts.

W3Schools - Free HTML and CSS coding tutorials.

Dynamic Drive - Gives you access to a wide variety of free javascripts.

Free File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client Tools

Filezilla - Is the most popular free FTP client.

WinSCP - Is a free open source FTP client for Windows.

SmartFTP - Is another free FTP client.

Free Payment Processor Tools

PayPal - The most well-known free online payment processor.

Payza - Free online payment processor.

Free Forum Tools

phpBB - Free forum bulletin board software solution.

Free Audio Tools

Audacity - Is free open source software for recording and editing sounds.

vozMe - Free text to voice MP3.

Free File Coverter Tools

WinFF - Completely free video converter.

Zamzar - Convert files for free.

Bender Converter - Free online video converter.

Free Video Tools

YouTube - The number one free online video submission service.

Dailymotion - Free online video submission service.

Free HTML Tools

Arachnophilia - Free HTML source editor.

Color in HTML - Free HTML color picker.

Online HTML Editor - Free online HTML editor.

HTML Color Codes - Free HTML color code finder.

Free Link Shortener Tools

Google Link Shortener - Google's free link shortener.

bitly - Free link shortener.

Free Security Tools

Avast - Free antivirus software that makes no compromises in terms of protection.

Microsoft Security Essentials - Free antivirus software from Microsoft.